The Planted Squad Kit




 This kit is made with the collaboration of Innerforce. It is designed for race days, combining breathability and quick-dry fabrics together with compression.

 Built with one goal: PERFORMANCE! The high-technology we love, with two storage pockets and the feeling of having a second skin. This kit will dry right after you swim and you can keep it on the bike and regulate your temperature on your run for a strong finish.

 Innerforce a climate-neutral certified brand (meaning they offset all their emissions) and contribute a portion of our sales to recycling plastic bottles, which aligns with our mission as well.

 Moreover, considering the materials used in the kit, all fabrics come from MITI, an industry leader, and the chamois is sourced from Elastic Interface, a top Italian reference.

Second Skin.
Water repellent properties in the crotch area.
Back Pockets: Two Side-Entry Back Pockets.
UV Protection.
Fabrics: Fabrics with extra compression Aerodynamic, Comfortable, Breathability.
Zipper: YKK 3/4 invisible front zipper.
Sleeve: Half Sleeve.

Our price is your price! Our goal is to spread our movement to inspire a better lifestyle by wearing the kit!

+ Shipping fee depending on your delivery location

Once the order is placed, expect a lead time of 8-10 weeks, order's progress are regularly updated, and when your gear is ready, enjoy it and share photos with us!