Did you know? The #2 way you can help fight climate change is by switching to a plant-based diet

Animal agriculture accounts for more than 14% of all greenhouse gases, which is more than all transportation combined. Eating animal products is a business, but a business that is very expensive to our planet, because the more you eat meat, the more you need animal, the more you need farmland to farm animal and to grow food to feed them. Unfortunately the animal business is one of the top reasons that cause deforestation all over the world.

Taking care of the environment is great, and enjoying it is greater

At the PLANTED athlete we take our health seriously, we make sure to provide answers and share resources to help you be healthy, get outside and be active. Erin Galien has put together the perfect resources to guide you toward a healthy life.

 Erin Hennessey Galien - the_planted_yogi - Handstand in Monument Valley

"My journey to health has been just that: a journey, an evolution. The first thing I did after my mom died was start exercising regularly - got myself a nice shiny new gym membership and pounded the pavement (aka treadmill). The next thing I did was eliminate almost all processed food and sugar – WIN!! I read books like “Fat Chance” and watched “Fed Up”, so I knew that if it came from a package and had a barcode, it probably wasn’t the picture of health (although there are certainly some minimally processed semi-healthy foods out there). Now I was really moving in the right direction, or so I thought." - Erin Galien | @the_planted_yogi

Erin has made available the perfect guide to provide inspirational and educational experiences to support the growth and well-being of the plant-based way.

"The Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) & Vegan Resource Guide"

Feel free to contact us with your questions and feedback.


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