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Teddy Galien - Founder

I am an American age group triathlete with a French accent. I grew up in France and move to the US when I was 26 years old. I have been in the world of cycling pretty much my whole life and have always been a decent runner. In my early 20’s I hung up my bike and focused on my career (and partying every weekend 😁), but later on I ended up 30lbs heavier, smoking and eating the most unhealthy food all the time.

In 2017 I started to feel sick, I was having headaches, vision issues, difficulties to focus... I spent a lot of time going to doctors and specialists, with everyone of them telling me nothing was wrong. The last appointment I had was with a cardiologist, he ran some tests which were all good, but after a long conversation he made me realize that my symptoms were from intense stress. His recommendation was to exercise frequently, drink more water, eat healthy, and quit smoking. So I quit smoking, eat mostly plant based, started the journey of triathlon, and my health issues were going away.

When I started training, I could not swim a single pool length in freestyle, my bike and running performance were ok but with plenty of room for improvement. I started with a few sprint triathlons, then raced Olympic distance, and quickly jumped into my first 70.3 Ironman in 2019, which I finished in 5h12min.

Today I race all distance triathlon all year long, I raced the 70.3 Ironman World Championship 2021 and I will be racing the 2022 World too, I finished my first full Ironman in Lake Placid in sub 12h, and my next goal is to qualify to the all triathlete dream race: Kona

My success has come from a commitment to a lifestyle change, I follow a training plan every week that keep me in shape, I go riding or running outside and enjoy nature as much as possible, it is a great way to evacuate stress. And being plant-based makes me feel better, healthier and I recover much faster.


Exercising and my eating habit literally changed my life for the best, and now I am ready to help others making the best of their life.

We are very pumped when we have an opportunity to help, so contact us for our coaching services and please add in comments what goal you want to achieve. We provide training workout, food advice, we work with each individual athlete to customize their own plan.

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