Dealing with injury

Dealing with injury

The triathlon lifestyle also include time when you go through injury and how you deal with it.

Last week I was skiing in the Alpes with my family and I injured my left leg « sort of » landing a jump I should not have taken.

Back home last weekend I went back to my Ironman training plan. Monday was my speed run with intervals, I struggled through it, finished it. But then post workout my leg was screaming. « Houston we have a problem… »

Time to adjust the training plan.

I cannot run with the pain of the impact of each step, but biking and swimming are manageable. I don’t want to lose all the training I have done so far. So to keep going I will replace the run workouts with more swim, bike or upper body strength.

Injuries happen, but in our sport stopping exercising is just not an option. The key to success in triathlon is « Consistency », so adjust your plan as often and as many times as you need, but keep going.


Train Hard, Race Harder!

Motivating each other is part of the Triathletes lifestyle. Feel free to email me your story and pictures to be published. Bonus points if you share pictures with The Planted Athlete gear.

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